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Infamous Second Son Review

        Lets just this out of the way up front, Infamous Second Son is gorgeous. It is one of the best looking games I have ever played and I was in awe whenever I booted the game up. The lighting is beautiful, the particle effect are stunning and never get old, and the facial animations are some of the best ever. It all comes together to create a game that really shows what the PS4 is capable of and what we can expect games to look like this generation, and a glimpse at how much better they will look throughout the generation. It reminded me of how Gears of War was the first Xbox 360 game to really take advantage of the hardware and how that game showed us what the future of gaming would look like.

       Now that I’ve got that out of the way, lets talk about the actual gameplay. Delsin controls well and his powers are fun to use but I felt less mobile than in than previous Infamous games. I missed grinding on power lines and train tracks from the previous games. The neon power lets you move around the world fast but it was just not as satisfying as the movement in previous games. All of Delsin’s powers look great, especially neon, but they are all pretty similar and don’t change how you play in any meaningful way. 

      The writing, voice acting and facial animations are the high point of Second Son. Delsin’s relationship with his brother is believable and their interactions were my favorite part of the experience. The actual plot is your standard mutant story that X-Men has been done a million times before, but it is done really well here. The villain is excellent and you hate her from the moment you meet her, but she actually has some surprising depth to her character. 

       My main problem with this game is that Sucker Punch built this beautiful city but didn’t really fill with anything fun to do. The main missions are enjoyable, but I did not enjoy any of the side activities. They are the most boring and unimaginable open world side missions. When not completing a main mission I often wanted to do something fun in this amazing looking world, but found myself either bored or frustrated with the activities available. 

      Infamous Second Son is good game that had the potential to be a great one. The story is fun and well acted, but the city feels empty. Second Son is a peek at how good games can look on these new consoles, but it also a reminder that no matter how pretty your game is there still needs to be interesting and engaging gameplay. 


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